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Just a reworked version of my Dress the Mermaid game. I added music and another character you can choose to dress up other than the mermaid.

FAQ #502: Can I submit 'Dolls', 'Characters' or other things which I made on certain websites in games or with 'generators'?

My Terms of Use:
You can post screenshots of the character you create in your SCRAPS gallery only as long as you also place a link to this game in your comments. If you place screenshots of this game in your main gallery it is considered a form of art theft since you did not create any elements of the character yourself and will be deleted by DA admins

You may not make adoptables out of the game and use them to make any type of profit (money, points,or subscriptions) even if proper credit is given. You can however make them and give them away for free but must always credit me as the original artist and link back to this game..

EDIT: Removed the music
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July 31, 2006
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